New Family Orientation Guide


Welcome to the adventure of Cub Scouting! You and your child are beginning on a trail of fun and adventure that will challenge both of you and allow you to share experiences that you probably would not have otherwise.

How Cub Scouting Works

Cub Scouting is designed to provide opportunities for families to work and play together, to have fun together, and to get to know each other a little better. Parents are an integral part of Cub Scouting!

The Den

As a Cub Scout, your child is part of a group of kids his or her own age called a den. With the den, your child will build confidence and self-esteem and earn recognition. Your child will also gain a sense of personal achievement from the new skills he learns. Dens usually meet once or twice a month and have one or two parents who are the Den Leaders.

              Webelos Scouts – 4th and 5th grade

              Bear Cubs – 3rd grade

              Wolf Cubs – 2nd grade

              Tiger Cubs – 1st grade

   Lions – Kindergarten

The Pack

The Pack is led by a Cubmaster and is made of up of the individual dens. The Pack meets once a month and is a time for the Scouts to be recognized for their accomplishments, and to engage in a fun activity as a Pack. Some of the annual Pack meetings are listed below.

·       Pinewood Derby – The Pinewood Derby has been a Cub Scout tradition for nearly 60 years. Your Scout starts with a small block of wood and some imagination. She ends with a car that she races against the other kids in the Pack.

·       Blue & Gold Banquet – To celebrate the anniversary of Scouting, every Cub Scout Pack holds a Blue & Gold banquet, which is a pot luck style event where each den performs a skit(s).

·       Raingutter Regatta – The Raingutter Regatta is Pack 435’s annual June event held at Medina Beach Park. Each Scout builds his own sailboat from a block of wood and races it in a raingutter.

·       Rocket DerbyScouts use tape, cardboard, paper, and soft drink bottles to build model rockets, then send them skyward propelled by compressed air and water.

·       Pool Party – Every winter Pack 435 hosts a pool party at the Bellevue Club where the scouts can play on the inflatable obstacle course or just enjoy swimming.


Cub Scouting’s camping and outdoor activities fulfil Scouts dreams of fun, excitement, and adventure. There are many camping opportunities for Cub Scouts and their families. They vary from day camps to overnight weekend camps to weeklong programs and take place year-round. For more information on camping opportunities, please visit

Parent Expectations

Cub Scouting is a program that parents and kids do together. Parents attend the den meetings and activities and Pack meetings along with their Scouts. The Pack and Dens are run entirely by parent volunteers, and are a great way to strengthen the bond between parent and child. If you are interested in volunteering in any capacity – den leader, special event coordinator, website administrator, or know of an activity that the Pack or a Den may be interested in, please email John Franck at

How to Join?

To join, you may contact John Franck at for an application or attend any of our monthly Pack meetings.  The first Pack meeting of the year is Thursday, September 19th at 6:30pm at Medina Elementary gym. Annual dues are $120. Payments may be made via Paypal to  (use the send option friends and family to avoid 3% charge and please write your scout's name in the notes section), or Check (make check out to Cub Scout Pack 435). Financial assistance is available, contact John Franck for more information.

Uniform and Handbook

Cub Scouts are highly encouraged to wear the following uniform to all Pack meetings, and Den meetings at Den leader discretion:

  • ·       Class A scout shirt (blue for Tiger/Wolf/Bear, tan for Webelos)
  • ·       Council patch, pack number patches, and world scouting patch
  • ·       Belt
  • ·       Neckerchief and slide
  • ·       Cap and pants/shorts are optional.

The Cub Scout Handbook for your scout’s rank (Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos) is highly encouraged for each Scout.  The handbooks guide Cub Scouts through the required and elective adventures for each rank and include helpful tips, background information, and fun activities. 

The uniforms and handbooks are available at the Scout Shop (info above) and online at  The staff at the Scout Shop are very helpful in getting you everything you need.


Communication for Pack events will be via email and dates will be posted on the Pack website.  All Pack meetings will be held at Medina Elementary School from 6:30pm-8:00pm unless otherwise posted. Please make sure your email address is legible on your application. The Den leaders will choose their own dates/times for the individual den meetings and will communicate directly with their dens.


We no longer publish our Pack photos on this website.  We publish them on our group's facebook page:, which is a closed group.  If you are a member of Pack 435, please request to "follow" the group on the facebook page.  


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